Faster responses = moreconversions

In order to create a solution that meets your needs, we use your rates, services and charges and configure the system to ask the questions you want it to ask.

How Does it work?


We look at your existing quoting process and how you handle customer enquries, from initial enquiry to providing the customer with a quote for their shipment. We can then demonstrate how the Cargo-Select platform will make that process more efficient. 


We take your rates, services and charges and upload them into your tailored Cargo-Select platform, that might include all your services, or just a specific selection initially. We also set up users and configure the system to ask the questions you want it to.


Once the data has been uploaded and the system configured to your specific needs, we run tests together to ensure the information is accurate and make any changes if necessary. We will also make sure all the users within your business understand the system and how to get the most out of it.  


Once we have tested the data and you are confident everything is accurate and working, you are ready to start using the platform to handle customer enquiries. 

You'll love how much more efficient it makes you and so will your customers!