Bespoke software designed for you, by you

In order to create a solution that meets your needs, we must firstly understand your current process, identify inefficiencies and establish how software can be applied to remove them.

How Does it work?


We sit down with you, map out your current process and how you handle customer enquries, from initial enquiry to providing that customer with a quote for their shipment.


We map out your current rate management process, who the rates come from, how they provide them, how the rates are managed and maintained internally and how they are accessed when required.


We look at both processes and try to visually represent how a bespoke software solution could combine each element and remove existing inefficiencies and bottle necks. We also discuss your exisiting platforms and how to intergrate your new platform with them.


We create scoping document that allows our developers to understand how to create your bespoke platform, like the plans an architect would give to a builder before they started building a house.


We provide you with costs and timescales for the development and once we are all in agreement, development can begin!